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Irma Endelman


Qualifications: Balanced Body Pilates Comprehensive Certification; Balanced Body Barre and Bodhi Suspension System Certifications; currently Education Coordinator at Balanced Body

Why I teach Pilates: Pilates is really the only type of exercise I have encountered that is available to every type of body. It can be done by a super fit body, as well as the injured (like mine) or "out of shape" body. That is what draws me to and keeps me motivated to teach Pilates. There is no barrier to entry, no fitness level must be achieved before starting, and by doing Pilates an individual can activate, strengthen, and rehabilitate all the parts of their body that they need or want to. I have seen Pilates students achieve goals anywhere from touching their toes to rehabilitating a knee injury. I love seeing my students not only achieve, but realize the potential of their bodies through Pilates. I love seeing them realize they are capable of performing exercises that they thought weren't available to them. I love seeing the smiles and excitement when people overcome a challenging exercise or even just finish a class. And I love to see students progress in and achieve their health and personal goals!

Favorite Pilates exercise: My favorite Pilates exercise, hands down, is Snake! In addition to being a beautiful exercise when executed correctly, it is a culmination of a number of beginner and intermediate exercises. When I first started my Pilates training, I saw an instructor perform this exercise and was awed! I set the flawless execution of Snake as my personal goal. Once I was able to, it gave me such a rush that it continues to hold a very special place in my heart.

My personal path to Pilates: I have loved movement my entire life, but wasn't introduced to Pilates until my mid 20’s through my husband (his family happens to own Balanced Body). With them, I started attending national Pilates events and was fortunate enough to meet and work with some fabulous instructors. Soon, I started to practice Pilates myself and within a few months, I realized that a knee injury that had been causing pain and decreased mobility since my teens was something I no longer had to think about. I started by taking one to two Pilates classes a week and before I knew it, I was in the studio at least once a day. Realizing my passion for Pilates, and specifically the restorative nature of Pilates, I completed my instructor training and began teaching. As my love for not only the practice, but also teaching Pilates grew, I decided it was time to leave my career of 10 years working in special education and focus all my energy on Pilates. And I haven't looked back since!

In my free time: In addition to Pilates, I love to rock climb, bike, hike, camp and travel. I am always more than ready to go anywhere and see anything and everything!