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Sarah Gould


Qualifications: Certified Pilates Instructor from Pilates Integrated Teacher Training (ITT) through A Body of Work, San Francisco. BA in Dance from San Francisco State University. Currently undergoing a 200-hour RYT Yoga Teacher Training in Davis.

Why I teach Pilates: There are innumerable reasons for why I love teaching Pilates. Each body is a beautiful, unique puzzle. One of my biggest draws to Pilates over the years is helping people to connect with their own bodies. Our stressful, modern lives tend to pull us further away from our connection to self. I have found that the mind-body connection in Pilates, as well as other movement forms, is the gateway back to true health.

Favorite Pilates exercise: I think my favorite Pilates exercise is the mat exercise Boomerang because it incorporates so many Pilates exercises into one. It is dynamic, full of choreography, requires a lot of focus, and so much fun to do!

My personal path to Pilates: As a Dance major in college, it was required we take Pilates everyday, alongside our dance technique classes. My teachers at SFSU were trained in Fletcher Pilates, Eve Gentry Pilates, and Gyrotonic. After my first year, I became the TA for the Pilates classes as a model for the exercises and was taught the fundamentals of teaching. After graduating with my BA, and with the desire to continue my Pilates journey, I was guided by my college teachers to the ITT program at A Body of Work. My movement vocabulary and style transformed after digging deeper into Pilates and anatomy. 

In my free time: When I’m not teaching Pilates, I can be found running my small contemporary dance company, Off Kilter Dance, researching medicinal foods and playing around in the kitchen, practicing yoga, meditation and Reiki, or making soaps, jewelry, scarves, and the list goes on. I also live on a farm, in a yurt, and though I don’t do much of the farming myself, this lifestyle certainly comes with it’s own set of skills, maintenance, and appreciation for life.