At Nephesh Pilates and Rehabilitation, we can be the ultimate solution for your physical therapy and pain relief needs. Our instructors have special training in physical therapy rehabilitation and attend the yearly ‘Pilates on Tour’ 3 day symposium which focuses on pilates rehabilitation of acute and chronic injuries, spinal conditions and the treatment of chronic pain. The real question is HOW does pilates differ from standard physical therapy? Some individuals will get pain from physical therapy or pain during physical therapy. This is particularly true in those individuals who have a more serious or unstable condition like disc herniations, spondylolisthesis or those who have extremely weak core strength. An aggravation is also more apt to occur in those who are left in a group to perform exercises on their own, often times improperly.

Pilates focuses everything around what we call core strength.  If physical therapy only takes into account a particular body part and not the whole person, then other hidden muscular weaknesses or skeletal imbalances eventually contribute to continued problems elsewhere in the body. Back injuries are always worse in people who had a weak core to begin with. They are more prone to severe and chronic pain leading to a chronic pain syndrome. The treatment for soft tissue injury must be taken seriously so that chronic pain or a chronic pain syndrome does not occur.

If you’ve had a back injury and are seeking out the treatment of pain, you probably need more individualized attention. Our Sacramento Pilates studio has an advantage over standard physical therapy because all sessions with our instructors are one-on-one. Meticulous attention is placed on finding your individualized faulty movement patterns and weaknesses that can be specifically addressed. We don’t show you several exercises and then leave you unattended. Every session builds upon the last and you will see results. Pilates equipment has a unique advantage as well, to help even the most difficult conditions regardless of what state someone is in.

Whatever concerns you have, we are a facility that can help you with your physical rehabilitation needs.