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Lyndsie Ross


Qualifications: Balanced Body Comprehensively Trained

Why I teach Pilates: I spent years working out, and really, working against my own body's nature. Once I found Pilates, it just clicked and I knew this was what my body actually needed after years of the war I had raged upon my joints and muscles. I decided to pursue teaching Pilates because I wanted to bring this modality to more people like me. I want other women and men to know that you don’t have to have a certain type of body to do Pilates, because it’s truly for every body. I teach Pilates because I want to provide the knowledge and experience of what it’s like to use this modality while living in a bigger body, and how it can truly make anyone's life better. I approach teaching in a functional sense. I want to use movements and focus that improve my clients' daily lives and make moving through this world easier.  

Favorite Pilates exercise: Anything with inversion! I’ve always loved to be upside down, so Short Spine and Long Spine hold a special place in my heart, as well as most of the hanging repertoire from the Trapeze Table.

My personal path to Pilates: I took a Production Designer Job at Balanced Body, and signed up for my first Pilates class that first week. I’ve always been the sort of designer that believes you can’t do good design work unless you really understand the information. I engrossed myself in the method. I took multiple classes a week, worked with our master instructors, asked SO many questions, read every Pilates book I could get my hands on, and started up a personal solo practice at home, as well. Pilates really began to transform the way I sat, stood and moved, and helped me find a comfort in my own form that I don’t think I’d ever really had before. Fast forward 3 years and, as Balanced Body’s Senior Graphic Designer, I decided to take an instructor training course to better understand how the manuals I was designing were being used. That course changed me. From my first time teaching another student in the course it was obvious that teaching came naturally to me, and was just the obvious next step in my Pilates journey. 

In my free time: I like to make stuff, play really complicated board games, as well as hang out with my 4 hilarious dogs and my long term partner David. We’re both pretty big homebodies. You can usually find me after work cooking dinner, taking a much needed soak in my bathtub and watching a whole collection of random TV shows or movies to unwind. (It’s the only way my designer brain will turn off!)