Kelly Phillips


Qualifications: BASI Pilates Comprehensive Certification

Why I teach Pilates: I originally started teaching Pilates because I thought it would be a fun thing to do on the side. I have continued teaching because, for me, this practice was life altering and sharing the experience brings me so much joy. I love that after 7 years of teaching the practice continues to evolve and keep me learning. It's captivating.

Favorite Pilates exercise: Always has been and always will be Side Overs on the short box. With the strength in the lower body anchored in the strap keeping my lever long and strong, the spine is liberated to move gracefully through space creating an unparalleled oblique exercise. I love the complexity created by the combination of strength and lightness. Also, the stretch at the end is FABULOUS!!!

My personal path to Pilates: I was first introduced to mat Pilates at the local gym in college. After college I decided that teaching Pilates would be a fun way to keep myself in shape, so I signed up for the comprehensive training program with BASI. I never expected the practice to be so life altering! Through this practice I gained an awareness of my body that has changed the way I move and carry myself out in the real world. The constant pain I had in my neck and back subsided, and I swear I gained an inch in height. Becoming a Pilates instructor is truly the best thing I have ever done for myself.

In my free time: Free time is rare for me, so when I find some, I love to spend it at home with my husband, Mike, and our pets, Stella and Harry. I also love eating and everything involved with food including, eating, cooking, reading recipe books, watching cooking shows, going to the farmers market, taking cooking classes and my most favorite... going out to dinner.