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Julia Delaney


Qualifications: BASI Pilates Comprehensive Certification; American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Certification; combined 35 years teaching experience in aerobics, dance, aquatics, cycling, yoga and Pilates.

Why I teach Pilates: When I first started Pilates teacher training, I immediately connected with the method because it reinforced all of the principles that I have applied to my teaching in every exercise format. I believe in pain-free range of movement. "No pain, no gain" is NEVER the route to health or fitness, but rather, know the difference between work and pain. I believe that you should understand the exercise, know what you are trying to do, how it should feel in your body, and why you are doing it. Precision, correct alignment, and control are essential elements to mindful movement.

Over the years of teaching Pilates, I have seen wonderful, inspiring transformations. I have seen people go from taking Vicondin each and every day to taking nothing at all. I have seen people with chronic back or shoulder pain become completely pain-free. We always joke and say the "miracle of Pilates," but to me Pilates is nothing short of miraculous!

Favorite Pilates exercise: I don't think it's possible to have only one favorite, but if I had to pick, it would be Boomerang. It is a quintessential Pilates exercise, combining breath and motion in a beautiful, dance-like flow.

My personal path to Pilates: I began my fitness career more than 35 years ago teaching aerobics and dance fitness in the days of leg warmers and thong leotards, adding aquatics, cycling and yoga to my repertoire over the years. While teaching a Yoga class for a local gym, I was informed that it would become a Yoga/Pilates fusion class. When I said that I didn't teach Pilates, they said, "fine, here's a video to watch." Appalled and, of course, realizing that watching a video was not adequate training for any type of new format, I began to pursue further education and training to become a qualified Pilates teacher. Little did I know I would find my passion there.

In my free time: I enjoy being in nature especially camping and hiking with family.
I'm also a lifelong avid reader and can quote some Shakespeare to go along with your reformer workout.