Elizabeth Grether-Wyss_Nephesh Pilates

Elizabeth Grether-Wyss


Qualifications: BASI Pilates Comprehensive Certification; 25 years as a professional ballet dancer; currently a Physical Therapist Assistant specializing in pelvic floor health.

Why I teach Pilates: Pilates has been an integral part of my work as a PTA, and I see the superiority of Joseph Pilates’ concepts every day. I love the passion and dedication and am convinced that focused breathing, inherent in all Pilates exercises, is what separates this method from the rest of the fitness world. It's such a comprehensive form of exercise that can be modified to accommodate nearly all musculoskeletal dysfunctions and imbalances, allowing nearly everyone to be able to practice. Pilates combines body awareness, postural control, core strength and flexibility to ultimately improve and maintain safe and appropriate functional movement.

Favorite Pilates exercise: Semi-circle - a safe exercise that can teach you more about spinal mobility and how your “core," which is so much more than abdominals alone, works to serve you each day of your life.

My personal path to Pilates: I was introduced to Pilates as a dancer in Germany when a few other dancers in the company, who had been badly injured, were taught Pilates by a special instructor in a far away city. These colleagues would return, able to dance after just “doing a few PIlates exercises.” At that time, I thought it was silly.

Fast forward many years later: I was teaching ballet in a local Sacramento school where there were opportunities to take Pilates classes for free. They were grueling and I felt humiliated that I was not in “better shape,” especially after my extensive dance training. As luck would have it, a teacher’s training course was offered in Sacramento and I jumped at the chance. Much to my surprise it was demanding, intense, and required much more knowledge and study than I had expected. Humbling it was. Pilates is work! You get out what you put in, but it is always worth the effort.  My journey is forever ongoing.

In my free time: I enjoy... the great outdoors, family and friends, watching old movies, and cooking and eating good food!