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Elisha Grow


Qualifications: BASI Graduate Program Trained, Studio-Trained by Master Instructor and Nephesh Pilates Founder, Audrey Langstroth

Why I teach Pilates: The answer to this question is constantly evolving for me. What drew me to become a teacher initially was the difference that it made in my own life. What keeps me coming back day in and day out is the difference it makes for my students. I enjoy teaching people about their own bodies and how they’re supposed to move around in the world without pain or discomfort. Every other fitness regimen or movement method I’ve experienced is so focused on the method. What makes Pilates different and why I love to teach it is because the focus is on how to transfer your Pilates knowledge into your real world life., so you can enjoy it more fully.

Favorite Pilates exercise: Right now, I’m loving the Long Stretch Series. With continued practice (because it’s always a practice), I’ve found a freedom and lightness in my plank positions that has always been elusive to me. Who knew a plank could be fun!

My personal path to Pilates: I was introduced to Pilates when my mom (Audrey) opened the studio in 2008. I was pregnant at the time and Pilates allowed me to exercise throughout my entire pregnancy without compromising my back, abdominals, or an old knee injury. During those nine months, I felt stronger and better than I had at anytime in my life. After my second baby was born, I took a fairly long hiatus from Pilates because, well I had two small children and a small business to run. There was just no time. I finally made physical fitness a priority for myself again and what brought Pilates full circle for me and inspired me to become a teacher was the immense difference it made in my emotional well being. Leaving the office at the end of the day feeling drained, and then being re-energized at a Pilates class... it was life changing. The positive impact it had on my body was just a bonus. Pilates brought a balance to my life that was sorely missing, and now I can't imagine doing anything else.

In my free time: I spend pretty much every spare moment with my husband, Nate (who you’ll find in class at the studio), my two kids, Jackson and Alice, and our Golden Retriever Lucy. We spend lots of time outdoors trying to soak up as much fresh air and nature as we can.