Nephesh Pilates offers a wide range of private, semi-private and group sessions to fit your needs. See details on our different class options below, call for more information, or book a class through MindBody.

If you're new to Pilates, private introductory sessions are required before joining a group equipment or mat class. These hour-long intros provide students with the necessary one-on-one training to learn the basics of Pilates movement and proper body alignment, along with how to properly use and manipulate the Pilates equipment.

Private Intro Sessions

Private sessions are one-on-one instruction with a highly-trained teacher to deliver an individualized training or rehab program depending on the student's health, age, fitness level and training goals. Private instruction is perfect for the student who is seeking a depth and breadth of experience in the method, as a supplement to group classes, and for those who require a specialized program for physical therapy, rehab or pain relief. We encourage new students to take advantage or our discounted intro packages of three or five private introductory sessions.

Private Sessions

Semi-private sessions of duets and trios (two or three students) are great for small groups who want the intimacy of a private session and the social aspect (and affordability) of a small group. Semi-privates work best with student of similar ability, Pilates experience and availability.

Semi-Private Sessions

Group Equipment

Offered at various difficulty levels, our small group equipment classes utilize various pieces of Pilates equipment, including the Reformer, tower, EXO chair, foam roller, Magic Circle, and more. We keep our group equipment classes at no more than seven students to allow teachers to still provide individualized instruction while in the small group setting. Familiarity of the equipment and basics of Pilates exercises is a must prior to joining a group class, and we offer discounted introductory private sessions to that end if you don't have any prior Pilates experience.

Group Mat and Stretching

Mat work is the foundation of Pilates, and frequent mat work is essential to core strength and effective Pilates equipment practice. Whether it's our traditional mat class or Friday Night Unwind stretching, mixed-level mat classes are excellent classes to work into your Pilates routine.

Pre and post-natal

Pilates for those who are pre and post-natal is offered in a group setting, private session or small group. Pilates is such an amazing method for mothers because of the attention to the pelvic floor and core strength offering modifications for different ability levels and stages in pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Pilates is a safe and effective method of exercise for your entire pregnancy and for recovery after child birth. Studio-owner, Audrey Langstroth, is a certified pre and post-natal Pilates professional, and we have a certified pelvic floor specialist on our team, as well.